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1841-1851-1861 Census - VAT - missing images

Re: 1841-1851-1861 Census

Author: L. Brown Date: 5 Nov 2004 8:24 PM GMT

Looks like it is time to look into the crystal ball and make my

1901 - we are not planning any posts to 1901 census for the rest of this

All focus is on 1871 and 1881.

1881 - This entire census will be available (free index, images
forsubscribers only) in the next few weeks. As this has been a linking
project(linking our images to an existing index) it has not taken any
resourcesaway from 1871.

1871 - This is our primary focus until the end of the year. It lookslike we
won't quite have everything finished by end of year, but we will bevery

1861 - we will begin posting as soon as 1901 is finished. I am notgoing to
guess a date for this, but will say it will be in the first part of2005.

1851 - Begin posting in late 2005

1841 - Begin posting after 1851 is complete

Best regards, L. Brown Senior Product Manager

Re: UK Records - same access from both Ancestry sites?

Author: L. Brown
Date: 5 Nov 2004 8:55 PM GMT

Ancestry is required to charge VAT based on your place of residence
.Therefore, regardless of which site you purchase from, you will be
chargedVAT if you are living in a qualifying EU country.

Your subscription will work on either site.
The site onlyaccepts payment in USD (though your credit card
company will do the exchangefrom pounds to dollars for you).

The site accepts BritishPounds, Canadian Dollars, US Dollars,
Euro, and Australian Dollars.
You can select which currency you would like to pay with.

Purchasing from the site helps support that site directly,
so if you like not having to wade through all the Americanrecords, purchase
your subscription there.

Hope this helps, L. Brown Senior Product Manager


Re: missing images for Warwickshire in 1871 census
Author: L. Brown Date: 5 Nov 2004 8:06 PM GMT

>>>>>>>>>>>> Short explanation:

The best way to avoid seeing missing images is to conduct your searches
from the specific search form for that census year. This form does not allow
you to search for counties that are incomplete or not fully posted. In
the case of 1871 England, that would be located at:

>>>>>>>>>>>> Long explanation:

We "officially" post content by county, but the data isn't actually
neatly divided by county on the microfilm.

It is very common to have records from a bordering counties mixed with
official county releases (parishes spanning county jurisdictions for
As it is nearly impossible to delete these records, they get releasedwith
the official county.

For example, today on our site are 40,000 recordsfrom 1871 Cheshire, even
though we have not yet "posted" Cheshire.

If you go to the individual search form,
[eg England 1871 with drop down menus Residence >> County or Island HW ]
we don't allow searching on Cheshire yet as it is not

However, the trouble comes if you search from other locations onthe site
(the home page for example).
A global home page search doesn't carewhat is official or not, it searches
all the records.

When it returns a match in a parish that is not yet officially
released, you end up with a broken image link.
Certainly this is annoying. We have not been able to devise a method
of preventing this from happening. I apologise for the inconvenience.

>>>>>>>>>>>> Part B of the long explanation...

If you are searching from the individual search form for that census year
and you still encounter a missing or broken image link, then you havefound a
That can be reported here on this message board if you prefer

or more efficiently, can be reported right from the record itself by
clicking on the "Comments and Corrections" link under the "What to do

Thanks for your feedback, L. Brown Senior Product Manager

Google Groups Search: 1841-1851-1861 Census

Monmouthshire is usually the last bit of Wales to be posted so for my needs
Raglan 1841 it looks like waiting to 2007 :-(

Anyway his first message is why I believe that as english or welsh
volunteeers we should concentrate our transcription efforts on freebmd.

County FHS obviously will do local resources. Glamorgan FHS has done a
brilliant job of pre 1837 indexing
I found at the county record offices.

A nationwide pre 1837 database would be a good project when freebmd is
about 95% complete


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