Thursday, October 21, 2004

1891 Wales Census Y Ddevy - Both OR Saesneg - English in language spoken column - 1891 Wales Census some welsh on an image

Head looks like Prenteuln (the transcribed index gives this as Patient)
Married looks like Briad
Wife looks like Gwrais

I think I've got these:

Merch - Daughter
Dilriod - Single
Mab - Son
Gwas - Servant
Nith - Niece

Under Language spoken:

Y Ddevy - Both
Saesneg - English

thanks to Brian of GLAMORGAN Mailing List

Google Search: Sassanach: ""An Éirinneach nó Sassanach tú?" -- Are You Irish or English?' -- Are You Irish or English?"

Google Search: Saesneg SAXON = english


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