Friday, July 08, 2005

Use “Find” Tool for Locating Surnames on Long Pages

I am thrilled with all the cemeteries that are being indexed and posted online free, but it is time-consuming to look through these lists for ancestors.

I go to "Edit" on my toolbar and then "Find (on this page)" [a window pops up center screen] and then type in the name/last name that I am seeking. Then when I am finished typing the name, I click on "Find Next" and it takes me right to the first occurrence of that name and highlights it if it is in the document. Then I can click on "Find Next" a second and third time, etc., to find any others with the same name in that document. This is a most valuable, time-saving feature. So if you are not utilizing this tool, try it to save time.

Sylvia H. Sonneborn
York, PA


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