Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Ancestry Site Comments

RootsWeb Message Board - about AWT Ancestry Site Comments:

"Taking your points one at a time;
1. You don't reach Tech Support through the 'comments' message board. By posting here, you are going to get replys ONLY from viewers of the 'comments' board.
2. searching the joint AWT/Rootsweb database, none of the people you named are on a gedcom.
3. There is no contact or postem available because it's from a CD that Ancestry included in their new 'One World Tree'.
4. Contacting a Rootsweb Tech Support person ( I don't subscribe to Ancestry) about where the link you supplied lead, I got the following;

'awtc is the cache server for the trees. The file is actually viewable via One World Tree at Ancestry.

With buying, the WFT (World Family Tree) files that sells on CD have been added to One World Tree. Like the files burned to disk themselves, there isn't any way of editing the original file.

However, if she has access to One World Tree, she can put alternate information out there for whatever individuals she wants to correct.

Basically, here's the key in the URL:

If you see nothing but an = sign in front of the db number,
the file came from WorldConnect at RootsWeb.
If you see a : after the =, it came from Ancestry World Trees.
If you see a * after the =, it came from the WFT importation.'

So, the only way to 'correct' that file is to post your own gedcom with correct information.
Good luck."

RootsWeb Message Boards - List Author PJ is an excelelnt genealogist and worth reading:

"I'm sorry. I did not look up exact dates before I posted my message. I should know better by now.
In Aug 1936 Roosevelt signed the SS Act. It took until Nov 1937 for them to organize and send out the first applications. The first card was issued in Dec. 1937.

New Mexico began issuing SS# along with birth Certificates in 1987; by 1989 all 50 states had followed their lead.

1961 IRS began requiring a SS# or payroll ID# for taxpayers.

In the gap, between 1937 and 1961 many people died without ever having applied for SS and will be missing from the Death Index."


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