Sunday, July 31, 2005

CenMatch Ancestry census matching aid

Empires Genealogy: Sean Williams - Genealogy Professional Genealogist
Sean Williams
Sydney NSW 2760 wrote:-
Are you struggling to find families when searching census records on

Do you wish there were more options available?

CenMatch is the answer for you!

An easy to use Excel template is all that you need to start matching
those hard-to-find families.

CenMatch is designed to match either 2 or 3 people that appear on the
same census page together or a page following person # 1. You have the
ability to Sort by Name, Birth Year, Census Parish, Census County or
Matching records. It is then simply a matter of clicking on the icon to
go to the page in question.

But wait - there's more!!! We'll give you valuable Ancestry Tips,

how to increase the number of results per page from 10 to 1,999!
how to vary the birth year +/- to be any number you like

Currently working with:

United Kingdom United States
1861 Channel Islands Census
1871 Channel Islands Census
1881 Channel Islands Census
1891 Channel Islands Census
1901 Channel Islands Census

1861 England Census
1871 England Census
1881 England Census
1891 England Census
1901 England Census

1861 Isle of Man Census
1871 Isle of Man Census
1881 Isle of Man Census
1891 Isle of Man Census
1901 Isle of Man Census

1861 Wales Census
1871 Wales Census
1881 Wales Census
1891 Wales Census
1901 Wales Census

United States
1850 United States Federal Census
1860 United States Federal Census
1870 United States Federal Census
1890 United States Federal Census Fragment
1900 United States Federal Census

For more information, visit,

*You must have a subscription with for some of the Census
mentioned above
*You must have Microsoft Excel (This has been tested on Excel 2000 &

Cyndi's List - What's New on Cyndi's List? - July 2005

There is a one-time charge for CenMatch which is AUD $7.50


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