Friday, October 22, 2004


Beverly wrote:-
I export my direct ancestors to Excel to create spreadsheets that I
use to track individuals I have found in the various census.

The names of my ancestors are in first column and the census years
are listed chronologically in the following columns across the top.
When I find an ancestor in a particular census, I put an "X" in the
cell that intersects the name and the year. I also include birth and
death years so I can darken the cells for the years that would not be
applicable for that individual.

I use the same list of ancestors in another spreadsheet to record
birth certificates, marriage licenses, death certificates, and so on,
following the same method of using an "X" to indicate that I have the
supporting documentation.

I can see at a glance what I have and what I am missing for each of
my ancestors.

Beverly Lewis

from ANCESTRY QUICK TIP - Ancestry Daily News, 22 October 2004
Thanks to Beverly for today's Quick Tip! If you have a tip you would
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and of course you get all this ready made with templates in Custodian 3: "a set of source-based databases with data entry forms designed to store genealogical information.
Many family historians collect a great deal of information about people with the same surname - not necessarily linked!
How this information is stored and organised has long been of interest to family historians, especially those conducting a One-Name Study. This is where Custodian can help.

Your data can be keyed or imported into the data entry forms and the information indexed, sorted and searched and reports produced.
Indexing all the names from your records makes for much easier spotting of possible links between people in the records.

When you have identified records belonging to the same person, you can allocate personal references and for those belonging to the same family, you can allocate family references."

follow the URL above to see a formidable list of templates
the only thing I don't like about Custodian is that gedcom is fairly incompatable


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