Wednesday, February 23, 2005


Try the "Ask Ancestry" Knowledge Base

If you have a technical question about, the best place
to start is with the "Ask Ancestry" Knowledge Base. The Knowledge
Base contains answers to all of the standard questions that come to
our Customer Solutions department, and it will provide you with an
immediate response. With over three hundred answers available, it is
a very useful resource.

You can get to the Knowledge Base from any page of by
clicking on the "Help?" hyperlink in the upper-right corner of each

Once you get to the Knowledge Base you can select a topic, type your
question, or simply choose from one of the fifteen most frequently
asked questions.

The answer pages include an answer to your question and a list of
other questions that might be helpful. There is also a place for you
to rate the helpfulness of the answer you received.

If you can't find what you need in the online Knowledge Base you can
use the "E-mail Ancestry Support" tab to send an e-mail directly to
Customer Solutions.

The goal of this online Knowledge Base is to provide quick and easy
answers for your technical support and other questions. Instead of
waiting for an e-mail response to your question, you can instantly
get the information you are looking for. Offering such extensive
information in our online Knowledge Base also allows Ancestry Support
to respond much more quickly to any escalated e-mail inquiries

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