Monday, March 28, 2005

Genealogy Databases Posted or Updated Recently

Genealogy Database Title - Posted

1901 Wales Census - 03/25/2005
London Times, Marriages, 1982-2004 - 03/18/2005
Yorkshire, England: Parish Records - Updated - 03/17/2005
1901 England Census - Updated - 03/11/2005
is the mother and was last updated on Mon 21 Mar 2005 and the daughter is :-
England and Wales, Civil Registration Index: 1837-1983 - Free - Updated - 02/26/2005

England and Wales Civil Registration Marriage Index: 1984-2000 - 02/18/2005

1871 Wales Census - Updated - 02/11/2005
1871 England Census - Updated - 02/11/2005
1871 Isle of Man Census - Updated - 02/11/2005
1871 Channel Islands Census - Updated - 02/11/2005

and many more over there on dot com

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Pleases, please encourage those who are currently doing genealogy research now to write down their memoirs. My parents are deceased and many "oldies" have been forgotten, but my brothers and I are exchanging our remembrances of things our dad use to say. For example, when we were out riding in a car and one driver would be in a hurry and pass another, he would say, "Beep, beep, toot, toot, honk, honk, get out of my way or I'll run over you." We remember that from back in the 40s. Another saying he liked was, "It's not what you know, it's who you know." Normally, he wasn't an outspoken man, but on certain things, he had a lot of influence.

Not only have I been writing my "life story" (I'm 72), but I have also written bios of my parents, grandparents, and from what newspapers had written, my great-grandfather. From this bio of the latter, he name was entered into the Hall of Fame in Rocky Mount, N.C., and he was one chosen to be inducted because of how much he had done for our hometown back in the early 1900s.
Hazel Rawls Carr

Thanks to Hazel for today's Quick Tip!
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one net friend Moweq over in USA on AOL has written over 200 mini biographies - she puts me to shame!


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