Thursday, March 17, 2005

Message Board Postings That Never Get Answered

As one who reads message boards with the intent of providing
responses to people with queries in my research field,
George Morgan's "Message Board Postings That Never Get Answered" was right
on target and applies to more than just a few postings.

To his suggestions I would add:

1. State your question up front, if you have one, or please note that
the posting is for info only. That way the reader has a context for
reviewing the rest of the posting.

2. Clearly indicate whether you are searching for ancestors or
I frequently have to ask, so I don't waste time in the wrong part of
my files trying to see if I have an answer.

3. When someone does answer, let them know you have received it
(either on the message board or direct to their email). I certainly
like to know if my answers helped at all and suspect others do too.

And most important, if you don't already scan the message board
postings, you might think about starting. Keep in mind that many
offerings in answer to postings are a two-way street. I regularly get
new info back that adds to my research in exchange for taking a
little time to share what I have in my files with others.

David G. Ball
North Vancouver, BC, Canada

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