Tuesday, April 26, 2005


I don't often write about these because as a subscriber to the UK Collection I neither have - nor need - access, except for Gladys Ann Stromsholt - but a friend in an AOL genealogy chat room helped me
find her father 1930 USA Census 359 Craig Avenue Tottenville New York Richmond County
  • Jørgen Otto Pedersen - his danish grand-father's patronymic - born in the saw-works 1899 in Store Heddinge and he became a carpenter
  • Jørgen Otto Strømsholt - his father Jørgen Pedersen purchased a new surname for the family 23 DEC 1911
  • Immigration: S.S.Hellig Olav April 20, 1921 Ellis Island indexed as Jurgen Otto Strumsholt
  • Otto Stromsholt 359 Craig Avenue Tottenville New York Richmond County 1930 USA Census
  • Lived last BET 1942 AND 1952 6319 North 8th Avenue, in one of three houses he built in Phoenix
  • medical - Porto-Caval shunt for Cirrhosis operation June 15 1952
  • Burial: 2 JAN 1953 Greenwood Cemetery Phoenix Arizona

that surname disappears at Butte County Recorders Office when:- Captain (pilot) BOBO, JACK EDWARD married STROMSHOLT, GLADYS ANN 1945/06/27 09-000143

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U.S. FEDERAL CENSUS MORTALITY SCHEDULES, 1850-1880 (Update adding District of Columbia, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Kansas Territory, Kentucky, Louisiana, Montana Territory, Nebraska, Nebraska Territory, Tennessee, Virginia, and Washington Territory)

Part of the U.S. Federal Censuses from 1850-1880 included a mortality schedule enumerating the individuals who had died in the previous year. Because each of the censuses from 1850-1880 began on June 1, "previous year" refers to the 12 months preceding June 1, or June 1 (of the previous year) to May 31 (of the census year).
This database contains an index to all individuals enumerated in these mortality schedules. In addition, each individual is linked to the census image on which they appear. Not all information that is recorded on the actual census is included in the index.
Therefore, it is important that you view the image on which your ancestor is recorded to obtain all possible information about him/her.

Currently, there are schedules available for the following states:
Arizona, Colorado, District of Columbia, Georgia, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Kansas Territory, Kentucky, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, Montana Territory, Nebraska, Nebraska Territory, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Tennessee, Texas, Utah Territory, Vermont, Virginia, and Washington Territory)

For availability by state, and complete source information, see the complete description at the URL below.

Ancestry.com subscribers with access to the U.S. Census Collection can search this database at:http://www.ancestry.com/search/db.aspx?sourceid=4717&dbid=8756

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Well I am sitting in NEC Pavilion at the http://www.lishow.co.uk/ on the ProQuest stand playing with the INTERNATIONAL TRIAL - ANCESTRY LIBRARY Edition

It lives up to every expectation with a very fast internet commection - the coffee lady in the Press Office told me it costs each exhibitor £400 A DAY.

So I showed them some of the tricks including how to find The Queen in 1881 census.

and Charles Bigtop
Occupation: Tiger Slayer eluded me until now

Name: Charles Bigtop
Age in 1881: 40
Estimated birth year: abt 1841
Relationship to head-of-household: Lodger

View other family members
Family and neighbors:

View neighbors
Gender: Male Where born: Nottinghamshire, England
5 Church St Common Lodging House either or a doss house or a cheap place where the sheets didn't get changed and were always warm because the beds were shared day and night.

View Image <<<>not to be confused with a house number

this is a classic weird census entry - is it factual?
or fiction by a clerk or the lodging house keeper?
Henry Dandelion Occupation: Horsehair Platter

Where born: Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales
Address: 5 Church St Common Lodging House
Civil parish: Chelsea
County/Island: London

and a big thank you to ProQuest and good luck in selling the new product !

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London Post Office Directory, 1829

Ancestry.com - Search London Post Office Directory, 1829

This database contains the 1829 post office directory for London and the surrounding area. It includes a list of 22,000 merchants and traders of the London area, a list of London and country newspapers, lists of army and navy agents' directors, general information relating to the post office, as well as other items of miscellaneous matter. Because this directory only lists the names of individuals employed in specific occupations, it does not include all individuals residing the area.

Keyword(s) include occupations and streets

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The Shops@Ancestry.com

The Shops@Ancestry.com which is another subdomain I have not visited before but many sections were empty

There are no items for this department.

Ancestry.co.uk - Your on-line family history learning center

Ancestry.co.uk - Your on-line family history learning center is a virtual reference library

Come Out of Your Cocoon
There are times when we need a little inspiration to get our family history searches rolling too. This week, Juliana talks about some ways to find that nudge in the right direction
basically you will be brainstorming to reach your own creativity and use yout intuition to find the right questions to ask

I was inspired by Ancestry.co.uk - Ancestry Daily News, 18 April 2005 which continues to bea daily delight.

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OpNews - How to get access to Usenet

OpNews - How to get access to Usenet if you get fed up with google groups