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Is anybody listening to our problems anymore?

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"Re: Author: Hugh WatkinsDate: 8 Jan 2006 1:37 PM GMT
Surnames: Jones, Mantell
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In Reply to: Is anybody listening to our problems anymore? by: Carol Coleman
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well in a way

I found two problems
Date: 28 Oct 2003
the black image was corrected around Date: 12 Mar 2004

the typo
papet for pupil
still not sorted Date: 20 Mar 2004

Name: Jones, Blanche E
Age in 1891: 16
Relation: Papet <<< typo for PUPIL still uncorrected
Gender: Female
Where Born: Raglan, Warwickshire

but now Jan 5 2006
Ancestry Customer Support have reported to me that they have corrected the typos on this page

in the Relationship to head-of-house field

I used the report bad image form and described the typo in the remarks

Name: Mantell, Catherine A
Age in 1891: 37
Relation: Papet <<< PUPIL
Gender: Female
Where Born: Farringdon, Berkshire

Carter, Mary E 13 Bradford, Yorkshire Papet Leamington Warwickshire

Godfrey, Dora 17 London, Middlesex Papet Jones, Blanche E 16 Raglan, Warwickshire Papet Leamington
Major, Elizabeth 16 Bramham, Somerset Papet Leamington Warwickshire
Mantell, Catherine A 37 Farringdon, Berkshire Papet Leamington Warwickshire
Nicholson, Ethel 17 Saranla, Wales Papet Leamington Warwickshire
Siddens, Alice J 16 Darlston, Staffordshire Papet Leamington WarwickshireWimbish, Elizabeth 15 Balscott, Oxfordshire Papet Leamington Warwickshishire

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he answer is yes they do listen and please use the reporting systems in place on
and describe the error simply and clearly
and be very patient

I think the future role of this board will be more peer to peer help - which anyway goes on in the county lists and usenet

BTW the age of Mantell, Catherine A 37 is correct
in 1891 they made a copying error
she is an english teacher not a pupil :-)

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