Friday, September 23, 2005

about Akamai

from my email

I don't believe for one minute that Ancestry are using Akamai's services
for security reasons. It is blatantly an information gathering exercise
>:o .

These are a few facts I've found out about Akamai:

"You may be interested to know that Akamai is nowadays one of the top
"spying" organisations on the web: The original idea was to reduce
delay: Akamai pushes much Web content to a network of servers located
around the Internet, thus reducing the load on a Web site's central
computers. It's called network caching. Akamai selects the most
data-rich content, like graphics and photos and put it on its servers.
Akamai's system then decides within milliseconds the fastest route to
deliver each request for Web content to an individual surfer. This
surfer (you) is eo ipso tracked.

To do that, Akamai continually tracks Internet traffic from its monitors
on more than 100 of the networks that together make up the Internet. You
can easily infer how many sniffing and grepping possibilities this opens
to akamai itself and how easily you can be tracked (akamai inter alia
allows Web sites like Yahoo to track their individual surfers, allowing
them to customize its response to each individual and to sytematize
individual patterns for commercial purposes).
For more info about webbugs visit this very good site:

"As an interesting side note, the akamai clowns have of course proudly
assembled a huge commercial database of IP numbers's with their
"geographic and network point of origin":

It is indeed very kind of them to tell us between (and not so between!)
the lines what they are doing... however, since I presume that soon or
later they will realize that the following infos don't sound as innocent
as they presume, and since I therefore reckon that th following words
will disappear, I'll report them here, just in case. Read the following
and have your due cold shivers back along your spine... "

"Using Akamai's EdgeAdvantageTM platform, intelligent mapping
technology, and enormous network reach (thousands of servers in hundreds
of networks around the world), EdgeScape maps user IP addresses to their
geographic and network point of origin. This information is assembled
into a vast knowledge base and made available to Edgescape customers. A
customer's Web server or application server communicates with the
EdgeScape knowledge base by using a proprietary API and EdgeScape
Engine-software that constantly taps into the knowledge base to retrieve
the very latest information.

Each time a user accesses the Web site,
EdgeScape provides the following data:
Country from which user is accessing site
Geographic region within that country (i.e., state or province)
Name of user's origin network
User connection type: dial-up, DSL, ISDN or cable."

"Akamai also scans your C:WINDOWS, does trojan horse probes&more. I'm
using a number of firewall and hack tracing utils on my system.

My logs show that Akamai uses non-standard ports, uses Trojan horse probes such
as Sub-7 and Backdoor G2. It also scanned my C:WINDOWS directory.

Typical ping and port probes were launched on Ports 1408, 1431, 1434. By
their using Trojan Horse probes as well as scanning the main Windows
directory goes FAR beyond 'serving' their customers and clients.

Consider the implications of planing CLient server trojans on YOUR system
and reading what's in YOUR directory. How is this supposed to better
serve YOU?

It doesn't! DoubleClick isn't any better. It too uses
sneaky port, trojan horse probes
Microsoft's Netmeeting in attempting to connect with your computer.
Those companies have realised that the cookie accepters are dwindling and are now resorting to stealth technology.

If you value your privacy, write them" Akamai - Google Search

Friday, September 16, 2005

trial subscription cancelled OK - Genealogy and Family History Records

from my email:-
Dear Hugh Watkins:
This message is to confirm that the following subscriptions have been cancelled for you.

Subscription Effective Date Confirmation Number
One World Tree 9/15/2005 1xxxxxxxxxx

Remember - you can still access your subscription until the effective date listed above.

Please continue to enjoy these free services from

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Patrice Clark, Marketing Manager

Friday, September 02, 2005

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