Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Ancestry Classic Dataabse

Ancestry.com - Search London and Country Directory, 1811

This database contains all three volumes of Holden's Annual London and Country Directory for 1811. The first volume contains an alphabetical directory of London's businesses and private residents. The private residents portion of the directory provides the names of the heads of households and their addresses.
selected according to income and social status

The business portion of the directory lists the names of those who are employed and their profession or trade.

Volume II is a directory of the manufacturing and commercial towns in the United Kingdom and Wales.

Volume III contains a directory, listing the names of heads of households along with their occupational information, of about three hundred towns.

Please look at the first couple of pages of the images online for an alphabetical index of what towns are included in this directory.

Source Information: Ancestry.com.
"London and Country Directory, 1811" [database online].
Provo, UT: MyFamily.com, Inc., 2004.

Original data: "Holden's Annual London and Country Directory, of the United Kingdoms, and Wales, in Three Volumes, for the Year 1811."

Volumes I-III. London:
W. Holden, 1811

from Ancestry.com - Ancestry Daily News, 26 July 2005:


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